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Scanning Solutions

Production Scanning

Clyde Document Imaging can provide a solution to your paper archiving problems. We can reduce your boxes, file cabinets, shelves, and even rooms full of documents onto disc. These documents can be easily searched using pre-defined search keys.

  • Archive up to 20,000 documents per disc
  • Add searchability with OCR technology
  • Search fields provide quick document reference points
  • Disc compatibility with all versions of Windows
  • Multiple formats including PDF, TIFF & JPEG
  • A10 (small receipts) to over A0 (large drawings) can be scanned
  • All images and search fields are thoroughly checked by Quality Control
  • Delivered on CD, DVD, USB or uploaded to your server.
  • Custom case labels and printed discs
  • Optional databases added to discs


Key Benefits of Document Scanning

  • Vastly reduce storage space and costs
  • Security of data from fire, flood and other disasters
  • Reduce copying and distribution costs
  • Accessed by multiple people simultaneously
  • Control over access and permission


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