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CDs and DVDs

Hard DiskWhen all of your documents have been scanned, you have the option of having it archived to CD or DVD. Leaving space for our retrieval software a CD can hold up to approximately 20,000 images, and a DVD up to ~140,000 images. Always check the manuals or the front of CD drawer for information on whether you have a CD or DVD drive.


Why choose CD?

All computers with a Compact Disc drive can run and install our retrieval software. This is the ideal solution for A4 scanned Black and White documents with up to 20,000 images. If you don't have the ability to handle DVDs (due to hardware restrictions or company policy) then we have the ability to split any archive over multiple CDs.

Why choose DVD?

Hardware permitting, a DVD is the ideal solution for archiving large volumes of documents onto one disc. A DVD has the equivalent storage of around 6 CDs. If the documents are large format (A3 and above), or contain lots of colour images, then DVD is the preferable disc type.

Why choose Archival Grade DVD?

With proper handling and storage a typical DVD should last 25 years. Using our special Archival Grade DVDs, and with proper handling and storage, you can store your documents for 100 years or more.


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